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Beer is Good for You

I couldn’t help but share this amusing article from’s Shine - Healthy Living Section, titled “5 Surprising Health Benefits of Beer”.

I am not a beer drinker and, just like the article aptly phrased it, surprisingly knowing that beer has some good health benefits, I wish that I can drink beer (especially for benefit # 4 below). It’s a pity that I am allergic to any beverage that has alcohol content. I know that wine is good for the health too but what can I do. Well, of course, all of these good benefits can be obtained in moderation intake of these alcoholic beverages. Anything excessive is not good.

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What are these 5 surprising benefits of beer that were mentioned in the article? Here it is:

1. Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease

Like red wine, it is said that several studies show that moderate beer drinking can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. The alcohol content of beer can increase HDL or good cholesterol levels. It also reduces the chances from happening of the two main contributors to heart attacks, i.e, the hardening of the arteries and thickening of the blood.

2. Drink Your Vitamins

It has been found in a study that beer drinkers had 30% higher levels of Vitamin B6 in their blood than non-beer drinkers. Vitamin B6 is beneficial in treating health problems related to heart, skin, depression, fatigue, nervous system, metabolism, anemia and arthritis, among others.

3. Avoid Kidney Stones

Another study on the risk of kidney stones conducted to middle-aged beer drinking men has shown a decrease of 40% compared to non-beer drinkers. The article mentioned that it couldn’t be determined though which component of the beverage was responsible for the drop, but the evidence of benefit had impressed the researchers.

4. Help Women Age Better

It is quite pleasant to know these facts from the studies conducted on the benefits of beer to women, such as: moderate alcohol consumption assisted in preserving the mental faculties of older women, alcohol can help preserve bone density, and some natural form of hormone replacement therapy in post-menopausal women was also found. Wouldn’t you wish hard you can drink beer when you can’t?

5. Prevent Cancer

Cancer is a dreaded disease and it is always comforting to know that the risks can be prevented or reduced. Early studies show that a compound found in hops, the main ingredient of beer, may help inhibit certain enzymes that can trigger cancer.

To read the full article, please visit Shine

Paksiw na Galunggong Recipe

Paksiw na Galunggong is one of the varieties of paksiw na isda recipes. I like the small-size galunggong or scad fish better than the large ones as I find them more flavorful.

Paksiw is a process of stewing meat or fish in vinegar and some spices. The spices added to it may vary depending on the main ingredient, regional cooking style or preference of the cook himself.

When I’m making paksiw na isda, I don’t use garlic as most people would do. Instead, I’m using onion, which I think makes the broth more appetizing. Another tweak that I do is I add a teaspoon of olive oil to the broth just two minutes before I remove it from heat.

Another tip that is worth trying is to keep the paksiw for a day in the ref then re-heat. It’s much tastier this way. Also, it is best to pair it with garlic fried rice. Yum!

Paksiw na Galunggong

Here’s my recipe for the Paksiw na Galunggong:

250 grams Galunggong (scad) fish
½ cup vinegar
¼ cup water
1 thumb size ginger root, crushed or finely sliced
1 small onion, sliced
3 pieces banana pepper (siling haba)
2 large eggplants (optional), sliced according to your liking
1 teaspoon olive oil (optional)
Pepper, roughly ground

Cooking Procedure:
Clean fish well. Remove gills, innards, etc. Combine all ingredients in a pot except olive oil. Turn on the stove and cook from 10 to 15 minutes over low fire, or until the fish and eggplants are cooked. Just keep in mind to add in the olive oil two minutes before turning off the heat. Serve with steamed rice or fried rice.

Going Vegetarian at Briccocafe

Probably, my blog have felt lonely and abandoned again after several weeks of not posting. Blame it to our accommodation shifting and partying. It is true in a way because after we moved to our new place, which we haven’t fully adjusted to, we attended birthday parties for two weekends in succession. We haven’t been cooking a lot these days, we are eating out yes but I wasn’t in the mood to blog about them because we haven’t completely recovered yet from the “shifting” stress. But, I couldn’t skip this one restaurant we went to that turned me to an instant fan of their vegetarian pizza.

Briccocafe bears the slogan “the real Italian taste”. I couldn’t confirm that because I have never been to Italy to experience the authentic taste of Italian food, but what I can tell is that we would definitely go back to Briccocafe.

The branch we went to is in Khalidiya Mall at the food court level. The resto’s design is a combination of relax and on-the-go atmosphere. My reason for saying this is because half of the restaurant’s area is exposed to the hustling and bustling of the food court environment and the other half is at the back of the kitchen and food counter enclosure and within the mall’s wall fa├žade.

Verdure Pizza at Briccocafe

Now let me go back to my instantly favourite vegetarian pizza called Verdure on the menu. Being our first time to visit the resto, we did what we usually do and that is to ask our friendly server to suggest their bestsellers on the menu. The Verdure was one of the two main courses we ordered upon our server’s suggestion and I couldn’t thank her enough because I liked what we ordered so much. The Verdure pizza was quite light to eat and very much tasty! What’s it made of is a thin crust pizza topped with thinly sliced eggplant, zucchini, bell peppers, mushrooms and tomato sauce. The toppings were melting in my mouth and I couldn’t contain myself from eating half of the pizza when usually I can only consume 1 or 2 slices. The pizza dough wasn’t greasy at all unlike most of what I’ve tasted so far. It was really a delight to eat. You can taste the freshness of the dough as it is being freshly prepared in the resto. When it comes to the price, I must say it is reasonable considering the quality of the pizza.

With such good food like this, I would darely say that as a fish and meat lover, it wouldn’t be worrisome if I convert as a vegetarian. Hmm, what a pleasant thought, but nah, I still love fish and meat!


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