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McDonald’s McArabia Sandwich

I have fallen in love with McArabia Sandwich by McDonald’s since I started to notice it about a couple of months ago. I would have not learned of its existence if not for my Lebanese boss at work who I overheard ordering McArabia sandwich.

According to, in 2003 McArabia was introduced in the Middle East by McDonalds via a large advertising campaign. It has been very well received in the region and has become popular since then especially in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

mcarabia sandwich 1
McArabia Sandwich Meal

McArabia is an Arabic-themed sandwich available in two versions, grilled chicken and grilled kofta (beef with spices). Two patties of grilled chicken or grilled kofta are wrapped in Arabic pita bread with lettuce, tomatoes, onion and garlic mayonnaise. The Arabic pita bread with tiny little bits of black sesame seeds is soft and tasty. The garlic mayonnaise was a perfect dressing to the vegetables and patties.

McArabia Sandwich

I am really enjoying McArabia all the time. Actually, I should say I’m lovin it! Just like the slogan on its handy small pouch wrapper. It’s the better (and healthier) alternative to a regular McDonald’s burger.

Whenever you have the chance, try it!


  1. Hello,

    I am a student in the United States writing a paper about McDonald's overseas. In your first picture of the McArabia sandwich, how does one open the bag? Do you tear off the top so you can hold it in a convenient wrapper while you eat it?


  2. hi julia! yes that's correct. you have to tear the wrapper along the yellow dotted line.

  3. I'm a student from cms and im doing a project on sadia arabia McDonalds what is a mcarabi made from?

  4. hi there! i hope it is not too late to respond to your query :). the mcarabia sandwich is made pita bread with grilled chicken or grilled beef patties, lettuce, onion, tomatoes and garlic mayonnaise. hope this helps!

  5. hi im a school student i would like to know who are the target audience for mc arabia is it well known in the market ?



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