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For a few days now, I am completely drawn to beautifying this food blog but since I don't have an artist touch, I had to recruit Boq to do the artsy stuff for me. To help him get some ideas I was checking some blogs that I find neat and beautifully designed and forwarding to him the urls. As I do so, I discovered some inspirational blogs: moms blogging about their growing family, the joy of parenthood, lost of an angel, adoption journey and faith in God. I was just after checking out the templates, banners and other crafty items in those blogs. I never thought I would be glued to reading their posts. I got really inspired and would like to mimic their blogging passion. And so I thought, someday, when I and Boq finally receive our gift from God, I would like to document the whole thing like what those moms did for our child to see his or her conception and growing up years. Isn't that an inspiring idea?


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