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Yummy Chocolate Cake Roll

I and Boq indulged into something sweet after dinner last night, a yummy chocolate roll cake from Miss J Cafe. I know it's not a healthy treat with the calories that we’re going to take but who cares when a nice rolled slice of cake comes out from a nice little box! You just can't wait to taste it I'm sure. And this one is a choco cake hottie as it tastes creamy, soft, delicious, rich but not overly sweet. It's worth the indulge, we'll just deal with the guilt later.

Did you know? There are two basic types of cake. The cakes made with fats and the cakes containing little or no fats. Those made with fats are commonly known as butter cakes or creamed cakes as they contain butter, margarine or vegetable shortening, which contribute to the cake's fine texture, tenderness and moist state. While, the cakes that do not almost contain fat are called foam or chiffon cakes. This type of cake has a larger proportion of egg than butter cakes.

So, the next time you visit a cake or pastry shop, decide which one you should order, with fats or no fats?

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