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Chocolate Mousse Cake Delight by Café Moka

My friends and former officemates from way back in the Philippines, Cliff and Daisy, surprised me with this delectable chocolate mousse cake when we went to Cliff’s hotel to eat dinner over the weekend. (It’s their belated birthday gift. ^-^)

Cliff just came from the Philippines almost two weeks ago for a three-week work assignment here in Abu Dhabi, while Daisy moved in Abu Dhabi early this year.

The cake was bought from Café Moka in Abu Dhabi Mall. I noticed on the cake box that the shop only listed two locations, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, which made me wonder if the shop is a local brand. And, I found out that it is!

Café Moka was established in 1996 in the UAE with four branches in Abu Dhabi and one in Dubai. Aside from putting up shops, they also cater to leading petrol companies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi namely EDNOC, ADNOC and EPPCO, supplying quality sandwiches, croissants and cakes.

I read in Café Moka’s website that their cake recipes are based on traditional French baking techniques. And, they pride themselves with this slogan for their cakes and pastries: “Sweet, creamy, rich pastries are the height of indulgence in our boulangeries.” Knowing this, it’s no wonder that the chocolate mousse cake was the epitome of the right sweetness and creaminess of a mousse cake. It was truly delightful!

Disclaimer: I am not endorsing Café Moka. I am simply blogging my eating out experience.


  1. ooohhh! this looks so good. i love cakes too.. :) just looking at this made me so hungry :)

  2. the cake was really delicious. very soft and not too sweet :)

  3. the cakes here are more of the bread not with cream and filling it's like eating donut. your's look creamy, less bread and lots of the ingredients itself not like pudding. so sad can't taste it. i love sweets so much :0

  4. hi j_ann! the creaminess is what's unique to a chocolate mousse cake. yes it has less bread and pack full of sweetness!



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