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Goodbye Patrick Swayze

When I opened my Yahoo Mail this morning, the sad news of Patrick Swayze’s passing appeared on my screen. According to the news, he died on Monday (September 14) after a 20-month long battle with pancreatic cancer. He was 57.

Photo credit: The Internet Movie Database

His movie “Ghost” opposite Demi Moore became such a big hit in 1990 in the US and internationally. In the Philippines, it was run in theaters for months, and there was even a re-run of the film a few years later. It was no wonder because Ghost was a great romantic drama film. The acting and story were just superb. Who would ever forget Sam and Molly, pottery and Unchained Melody?

Photo credit: Wikipedia

Aside from the movie Ghost, Patrick Swayze also starred in another hit film titled “Dirty Dancing.”

The news also reported that Patrick Swayze died peacefully with his family at his bedside. For me, one thing to be thankful about the passing of someone you love or very dear to you because of lingering illness is for the reason that you are able to show them your affection in their last days on earth. Unlike sudden deaths, the degree of pain may be the same but the acceptance of their passing is probably easier.

Goodbye Mr. Swayze and rest in peace.

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