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Affordable Dining at IKEA Restaurant

IKEA is a retail store of home products and furniture that are self-assembled, functional and at an affordable price. The store concept is to showcase their products thru mock-up interior arrangement and decoration for bedrooms, living rooms and kitchen. That way a shopper can pick-up some ideas on how to design a room at utmost functionality.

But there’s more about IKEA. Inside the store (of those that I’ve visited here in the UAE) is a restaurant, where a shopper can take a break from shopping to dine or snack. This was what Boq and I did last weekend in IKEA at the Marina Mall.

The Restaurant

The restaurant resembled a canteen look where tables and chairs are arranged neatly in rows, but it has a stylish design, which isn’t a surprise because it is managed by a retail store that sells well-designed products. The lamps are nicely hooked at the trellis ceiling just about at the right position and height to each table. The table linens are appropriately labeled with the material name and price per meter for diners’ information in case one fancies using the same linen in their homes.

The Food

The meal of the day or dish of the day served during our visit was oven fish hammour. They also cater vegetarian dish and meal for kids. Since I love fish, I gave the hammour a try. Boq ordered a roast beef meal.

Orders can be made for a half meal or a full meal. A half meal consists of rice, main dish and one side dish. The full meal consists of almost the same as that of a half meal but double the quantity for main dish and two side dishes. If you’re not a big eater like me, you can settle for the half meal. It will already make you very full. Likewise, when you’re on a diet like Boq (he-he!), the half meal is just about the right portion you need. And the treat there was, we got the right serving at a bargain price. Our meal together cost us half of what we could have spent in any restaurant in a food court. That’s with an extra order of double chocolate muffin for desert!

I should be honest though, the food was rather bland for my taste but it can be fixed with the help of some salt and pepper, that’s what they’re for anyway right? I liked the rice served that day, which is mixed with bits of vermicelli. The muffin bread was a little dry but satisfied the chocolate flavor.


There is a variety of drinks available. You can choose from soft drinks, a couple of juice assortment, coffee, water or hot tea.

Overall, I enjoyed dining in IKEA Restaurant. The food may be lacking with some kick but the ambience, affordability and convenience are pleasant treats.

Oh by the way, the restaurant is self-service and so if you decide to dine-in there make sure that you clean-up your table when you’re done. It’s one of the reasons that they are able to maintain their prices low.


Disclaimer: I am not endorsing IKEA Restaurant. This review is just part of my eating out experiences, which I intend to share in this blog.

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