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Inabrao (Dinengdeng) Saluyot and Green Papaya Recipe

My Ilocano root is sometimes kicking in that I feel the need to satisfy my craving for something Ilocano, and my most favorite dish for that matter involves inabrao or dinengdeng.

Saluyot is a green leafy vegetable that is rich with fibre. It is called corchorus in English. It tends to thicken the soup when cooked.

Inabrao is a very simple dish that involves no-fuss cooking even if you are using a lot of different kinds of ingredients as the process only need to boil it altogether. Saluyot is more commonly combined with labong or shredded bamboo shoots but in the absence of labong other veggies can also be combined like string beans or green papaya. For this inabrao recipe I used saluyot leaves, green papaya and fillet of fried fish.

2 medium bundles of saluyot leaves, thoroughly washed
1 small green papaya, peeled and sliced
Fillet bits of fried fish
1/4 cup anchovy sauce (increase if desired)
Kalamansi (citrus) or lemon

Cooking Instructions:
Fill a pot with half liter of water and bring to boil. Add anchovy paste and cover for 2 minutes. Add green papaya, when half-cooked add the saluyot leaves and fish fillet, then follow with lemon juice. Let boil until saluyot is cook.

Grilled fish superbly complements this dinengdeng recipe but since we do not have the luxury to grill, fried fish is the next best option.

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