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Cheesy Breadsticks for Lunch

I had breadsticks for lunch today! It was not the first, I requested Boq to buy me breadsticks sometime last month, which I also brought at work for my lunch. It's quite delicious and filling so a repeat order is inevitable. The bread is, I'm guessing, a pizza dough (since it's from Domino's Pizza house) formed in half circle and cut into thick strips, sprinkled with cheese, probably parmesan and some green bits of, which I'm again guessing, dried oregano leaves. What makes it more delicious is the marinara dipping sauce, a tomato-based dip. It’s sour taste complements the saltiness of the cheese. Really, I just love it and I'd try it again soon!

Did you know? Breadsticks originated from Turin, Italy. Its Italian translation is grissini. Generally, breadsticks are pencil-sized sticks of crispy bread but the original recipe has a more bread-like texture, is thicker and often twisted. They are usually served as appetizer in Italian restaurants.


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