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Yummy Treats: Krispy Kreme Original Glazed Donuts

I still remember how I enjoyed my first taste of Krispy Kreme donut courtesy of an old friend (Rowena) back in the Philippines. The donuts were brought fresh from the US by her elder sis who just came from her business trip. All twelve (if I’m not mistaken) of the original glazed donuts were arranged neatly in what seemed to me then was a flat oversized box (because I’d never seen similar packaging before, and, I did wonder how my friend’s sister managed to carry that box). There was no Krispy Kreme outlet yet in the Philippines at that time, so, everything was really new to me, from the packaging to the heating instruction and the taste of the famous donut. Nowadays, (if their website is updated) there are already 10 Krispy Kreme outlets in the Philippines.

In the UAE, upon also checking the Krispy Kreme store locator, there are 20 outlets that opened across four emirates (13 in Dubai, 5 in Sharjah, 1 in Ajman and 1 in Abu Dhabi). I feel lucky that we are so near the Abu Dhabi outlet. Our flat is just walking distance to Khalidiya Mall where the lone Krispy Kreme outlet in Abu Dhabi is located.

I was really intrigued about Krispy kreme donuts before because I just used to hear how delicious it is more than a couple instances during our post meeting conversations with our bosses. When I had the chance to taste it, I finally understood why they are crazy about it. It’s nothing similar to any donuts I’ve tasted. It’s simply delicious. It was like eating M&M’s that melts in the mouth.

So, today, I’m having another bite of this delicious donut product (I’m a loyalist of original glazed!) that carries the slogan: Loved by the world. This is simply true.

Disclaimer: I am not endorsing Krispy Kreme. I am simply blogging my eating out experience.

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