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Thrilled about Chowking

Have you ever experience a thrilling moment over a simple dinner in a food court? I have.

Boq and I had dinner at a food court of a high end mall here in Abu Dhabi last night. I didn’t know that Chowking has opened a branch in Al Wahda Mall until Boq mentioned it yesterday. I got thrilled that I immediately dismissed my craving for Thai food.

I was really so happy to see Chowking in front of me. It brought back memories of my family’s eating out sessions during paydays back home. My father likes Chowking so much that whenever we eat out he would always suggest that we go to Chowking (although sometimes I could persuade him to try other fast food or resto).

We ordered my old time favorites, beef with wanton noodles and kangkong with bagoong. I know they don’t complement each other (he-he!), so in addition to it were vegetable chow fan, which was very yummy that I thought of preparing the same one of these days, and tofu dipped in vinegar with soy sauce and onion. As shallow as it may seem, up to now I’m still overjoyed about our dinner last night. Can’t blame me, aside from bringing me down the memory lane, the food was delicious. We will definitely go back there!

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